Question: I am considering undergoing rhinoplasty to improve my overall look, especially the way I am portrayed in pictures, because my nose flattens out when I smile. My nose is a medium sized button nose, much like Rihanna's, and although I like it -- and very much enjoy the rest of my facial features -- when I smile my nose completely loses its definition. Will rhinoplasty help cure this?

Answer: Without physically assessing your current nose, or seeing a picture of it, it is hard to determine what the exact outcome would be. However, your complaint is a common one, and what we call "tension nose", which can be defined and improved with rhinoplasty. What you are describing is the act of the upper lip muscles pulling the tip of your nose when you smile, causing it to flatten. Rhinoplasty will deliver the structural integrity the tip of your nose needs to maintain its shape, while lessening the pull from your lower septum. It is important to consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area, and discuss your overall goal for a final look that does not interfere with your other features as they exist now. If he or she can achieve your objectives without hesitation, you will be able to make an informed decision going forward. Good luck!