What are the potential risks and complications of corrective surgery?

While modern surgical techniques are generally safe, all surgery can carry some potential risks. Some of the potential risks of corrective surgery include:

  • Immediately following your surgery, you may experience short-term nausea and vomiting due to the anaesthesia and a sore throat as a result of the breathing tube
  • Bleeding from the incision site
  • Infection that may require antibiotic treatment or in rare cases, additional surgery
  • Temporary numbness around the incision sites
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Numbness in areas of the skin

How much does corrective surgery cost?

Corrective surgery may be covered by some private health insurers. Review your policy carefully to determine what is covered.

Costs associated with corrective surgery vary depending on the specific procedure you undergo, as well as on a number of factors such as:

  • Anaesthetist's fee
  • Private hospital or day surgical facility fees
  • Need for post-operative garments
  • Length of hospital stay
  • The cover from your insurance company
  • Surgical assistant's fee

After our consultation, my staff will give you an itemised account of the total cost.

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