What Incision Site is best?

Dr Moradi's preference for breast implants is through the breast crease, for a number of reasons:

  • This option has the best access, therefore the best chance of correct placement.
  • The scar is inconspicuous scar.
  • Less bacterial contamination.

What is dual plane?

This refers to where the implant is placed.

The upper half of the implant is under the muscle and the lower half under the breast tissue. This is the most natural pocket and also Dr Moradi's favourite opinion as it's the most reliable long term placement.

Are Demi Implants round or anatomical?

Neither...well that's not true they are round to look at but the ergonomic gel in Motiva Implants act as a naturally shaped implant when placed under the muscle.

The difference between Motiva implants ergo implants and round ones is the gel. The dimensions are exactly the same, but the Ergos are softer and react more natural, the rounds are firmer and give more of a fake upper pole look.

Which implant pocket is best?

No right answer, but essentially you have 2 options:

  • Above the muscle. Which is less painful and provides a fuller faker look
  • Below the muscle or dual plane. Which is more natural and, in my opinion, causes less ageing of the breast.

There are two pockets the implant can sit, either above or below the muscle. Below is the more natural, as the upper pole of the implant is camouflaged by the pec muscle. Under muscle is also called a dual plane.

Why do some Demi Implants' look "natural" and others look "fake"?

Simple, every patient is different. The chest, breast and skin platform dictate whether you look fake or natural more than the implant you select.

How do you get close cleavage?

To create close and reliable cleavage you need to select an appropriately wide implant. Too narrow and you have a cleavage gap, too wide and you get symmastia. For me, implant width is the most crucial measurement in breast augmentation planning. There are two critical factors:

  • You need to have favourable chest wall anatomy.
  • Selecting a wide enough implant to match your chest and breast anatomy.

How much does a 340cc Demi Implant Breast Augmentation cost?

Above all else, we warn all patients against cheap breast augmentations that are found online or from not so reputable sources. For an augmentation to be cheap, whoever is offering it, will have to cut some sort of costs whether it be the quality of the implant, the effectiveness of the anaesthetic or even the state of the operating facilities. Most people are unhappy with their results from these cheaper options. Either because of botched surgeries or poor execution, requiring extensive and costly surgeries to get the breasts back to normal. Our breast augmentation costs include the anaesthetist's fee, general anaesthetic, post-operative garments, the surgical assistant's fee and finally unlimited follow-ups. Choose great care with Dr Moradi.

After the consultation, Dr Moradi's staff will give you an itemised account of the total cost for the procedure. Due to the fact that the pricing will vary between patients depending on the complexity of the case.

340cc Demi Implant Results

Predicting Results

If the patient has good volume pre augmentation, they will have a fuller final look. I say to patients the number one indicator of what the post op results will be, depends on the pre-op shape and size. There will be scarring at the incision sites, the scars will be red and then turn white around the one year or more mark.


Recovery can be different for everyone, however, recovery is faster with mini implants. Recovery is faster because there is less volume, therefore, less pressure on the muscles of the chest wall. You can return to normal lower body exercise after two weeks and upper body exercise after 6 weeks.

How long do I wear the post-op bra and garments?

Usually, 1-3 months depending on your case. The longer the better, most patients feel more comfortable wearing the bra indefinitely at night-time for support.

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What are the potential risks and complications of breast augmentation?

Some possible complications and risks associated with breast augmentation may include:

  • Risks involved with any surgery such as bleeding or infection
  • Fluid accumulation, which is called a seroma, around the implant after surgery
  • Changes in nipple sensitivity
  • Temporary or permanent areas of numbness around the scars
  • Wrinkling of the skin over the implant
  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring, especially if you have a history of poor scarring
  • Capsular contracture, where firm scar tissue forms around the implant causing it to lose shape and softness. Occasionally a capsule contracture around an implant can be painful.
  • Inappropriate implant size
  • Implant rupture
  • All breasts are uneven; after an augmentation this slight difference will be more noticeable. If there is a significant difference pre-operatively then I might need to put different sized implants in. A formal assessment of breast volume is performed when I take your 3D image.
  • Lumps in local lymph node tissue formed by leaking silicone. This does not pose a health risk to you.
  • Small reduction in the effectiveness of breast cancer screening as the implant could hide breast tissue and tumours. Modern imaging has made this far less of a concern.
  • Implants moving from their original position
  • Revisional surgery to treat complications

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