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Breast lift, or mastopexy is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape breasts which sag.

Breasts often begin to sag, not only due to ageing, but more importantly as a result of changes in the volume of the breast caused by pregnancy and subsequent breast feeding. This leads to stretching of the collagen fibres, whose role is to retain the structure and support.

Also known as:
  • Breast Lift & Implant
  • Breast Surgery
  • Boob Lift & Implant
  • Breast Lift
  • Boob Lift
  • Mastopexy
  • Breast enlargement and lift
  • Breast surgery post-pregnancy
  • Breast surgery post-weight loss surgery
Desired Results: Women in Sydney come in with several reasons for wanting a breast lift and implant. The results are generally similar or for the same kind of reasons.

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What are the potential risks and complications of a breast lift?

Some possible complications and risks specific to breast lift surgery include:

  • Surgical risks such as bleeding or infection
  • Seroma accumulation under the breast. This fluid may need to be drained under ultrasound guidance.
  • Visible and prominent scars including keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Swelling and bruising around the breasts which takes two to three months to settle
  • Fat necrosis of the breast. This is a result of poor blood supply to the fat cells. These show themselves as small firm lumps.
  • Changes in breast and nipple sensation
  • Temporary or permanent areas of numbness around the scars
  • Asymmetry of the breasts
  • Partial or total loss of nipple and areola
  • Need for further surgery to treat complications
  • Revisional surgery to correct any unevenness between the two sides
  • A blood clot in the legs (DVT), which can move to the lungs and may be life threatening

How much does a breast lift cost?

Breast lift surgery, in some circumstances, can be a reconstructive procedure and may be covered by private health insurance. Review your policy carefully to determine what is covered.

Costs associated with a breast lift vary between $16,000-18,000 depending on a number of factors including:

  • Anaesthetist's fees
  • Type of implant used, if any
  • Private hospital or day surgical facility fees
  • Need for post-operative garments
  • Surgical assistant's fee

After our consultation, my staff will give you an itemised account of the total cost.

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