Upsizing Breast Implants Sydney

Upsizing Breast Implants

Whether you opted for a conservative breast augmentation and are ready for something larger, or you've just not been able to calm the boob greed monster, most revisions due to size change go in the upwards direction.

Why Upsize?

For those that follow Dr Moradi's Instagram page, you know he obsesses about the infermedial cleavage and expansion of the breast platform to match the chest platform, this ensures the closest most natural cleavage, which he strives for.

What is a Corse Implant?

It is the highest-profile implant range in the Motiva range. It is equivalent to Ultra High Profile in the Mentor range.

How Much Should I Upsize By?

When you upsize, as a minimum, Dr Moradi recommends patients need to increase the projection of the implant by a minimum of 1 factor and the width of the implant by 1cm. Anything less just isn't worth it and won't be noticeable.

Do Larger Breasts Mean They Will Look Fake?

Upsizing doesn't always mean looking more "fake". Breast augmentation actually looks fake when small implants don't sit perfectly on the chest wall and you have the "tori spelling" gap where there is a large gap in the centre of the chest.

Upsizing Breast Implants Results

Predicting Results

I say to patients the number one indicator of what the post-op results will depend on the pre-op shape and size. There will be scarring at the incision sites, the scars will be red and then turn white around the one year or more mark.


The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, usually as a day case. Time off work to recover is usually around one week and vigorous exercise can usually be resumed after six weeks.

Post Surgery Garments

Dr Moradi is pretty strict with the use of post op garments. In general he likes post-op patients to wear a strap at the bottom of the breasts to support the breast crease, and a strap above to help with upper pole control, plus a bra.

You will wear the straps for a month, the bra for 2-3 months. Unlike other surgeons Dr Moradi likes underwire bras, as they provide a higher support to the breast crease.

Dr Moradi always reminds patients to trust the process.

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