Breast Revision Surgery Results

Prediciting Surgery Results

If the patient has good volume pre augmentation, they will have a fuller final look. I say to patients the number one indicator of what the post op results will be, depend on the pre-op shape and size. There will be scarring at the incision sites, the scars will be red and then turn white around the one year or more mark.

Case Study 1

This patient underwent the following in 1 operation:

  • Removal of implants
  • Total Capsulectomy
  • Internal Bra Support
  • Breast Lift
  • Replacement of Implant in a new pocket

Case Study 2

Operative plan and execution in 1 stage:

  • Removal of 800cc High Profile Round implants.
  • New pocket creation
  • Breast lift combined with areolar reduction
  • Insertion of 550cc High profile implants.

Case Study 3

This patient underwent a little bit of cleavage tightening using:

  • Higher profile implants 380 to 700CC
  • Medial Pocket Recreation
  • Capsule Internal bra

Case Study 4

This patient had mild bottoming out combined with inferolateral migration of the implant. She underwent revision surgery to address her concerns:

  • Upsize to 425cc
  • Tightening of the pocket using suture and capsule techniques.
  • Elevation of the breast crease and platform

Case Study 5

This patient had a number of issues and below are the fixes for them:

  • Wide Cleavage gap....required new pocket creation and fat grafting to help soften the "boney" chest wall
  • Bottoming out...equalisation and elevation of the breast platform
  • Skin excess...revision of the breast lift
  • Size to 450cc with preferential reduction of the tissue on the left side.

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