Thigh Lift Sydney

A thigh lift is a body contouring procedure, which reshapes the thighs.

Not only is excess fat and skin reduced, but the retaining ligaments and structures in the thigh are also re-suspended. This results in smoother and more toned skin and helps to produce better-proportioned contours in the thighs, as well as the lower body.

Also known as:
  • Thigh lift
  • Inner thigh lift
  • Outer thigh lift
  • Thighplasty
  • Thigh surgery
  • Lateral thigh lift
Desired Results: Women in Sydney generally desire a similar result. A thigh lift results in smoother and more toned skin. This also helps to produce better-proportioned contours.

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What thigh lift techniques are used?

A thigh lift may include the inner, upper, or posterior thigh, or in fact circumferentially around the entire thigh. The tissue excision, and therefore the final scars, are dependent on the area of your thigh which concerns you most. In all thigh lifts, I like to perform liposuction to sculpt the thigh and achieve your goals of a firmer, more youthful-looking body.

How long does it take to recover from a thigh lift?

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic with a night's hospital stay followed by two to four weeks recovery time off work. My preference is not to use drains, which dramatically reduces hospital stay and recovery.

What are the potential risks and complications of a thigh lift?

Although surgery is generally safe, there are potential complications and risks associated with any surgery. I will discuss these general risks with you, and provide detailed information about the complications and risks associated with a thigh lift including:

  • Temporary numbness around the incision sites, which gradually improves with time
  • There may be distortion of the appearance and contour of the genitalia, especially in women
  • Movement may be restricted to the tightened skin of the thigh
  • Skin may not heal and a skin graft may be required
  • Patients who have large amounts of skin removed may require a blood transfusion
  • Fluid (seroma) may accumulate under the skin of the incision site which may require a draining procedure

Hypertrophic and keloids scars may form. These are scars which are prominent and visible, and may be itchy, unsightly and annoying. However, they do not pose a threat to your health.

How much does a thigh lift cost?

Costs associated with a thigh lift vary between $12,000-$17,000 depending on a number of factors:

  • Anaesthetist's fee
  • Private hospital or day surgical facility fees
  • Need for post-operative garments
  • Length of hospital stay
  • Whether you need other body contouring procedures such as liposuction, arm lift or tummy tuck
  • Surgical assistant's fee

After our consultation, my staff will give you an itemised account of the total cost.

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