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A deep dive into internal bras

Not all internal bras are made the same.

Case Study 1: 360cc Mini implant

360cc Mini implant combined with composite muscle flap internal bra.

If you have seen my video on chest wall anatomy, you will know there are different platforms we can create a breast on top of.
This convex slanted chest is extremely difficult. All the deforming forces are down and out, such as the slope of the chest wall, the contractile forces from the pec muscle and gravity.

As surgeons we need to do everything humanly possible to keep the implants up and in. Sometimes we win, but sometimes we lose. it's no one's fault, so don't be disheartened if your implants sit outwards when you lie on your back. Your surgeon hasn't necessarily done anything wrong, it's just the anatomy of the chest wall.

Case Study 2: Large Revision

When going this large you need a belt and braces approach especially in chest wall asymmetry cases where the chest slants laterally along with height asymmetry with the right chest wall sitting higher than the left.

Tiloop mesh internal bra combined with 3 months in a post op garment. The mesh integrates with the capsule and provides some much needed support for the implant.

Case Study 3: Capsule Plication Internal Bra

In this upsize case, the patient had a capsule plication internal bra.

This is when the preexisting capsule is plicated to itself to provide a tighter pocket for the implant. She also had a mild case of bottoming out which was also corrected at the same time. Pay close attention to her chest wall asymmetry too. The right side sits higher than the left meaning no matter what we do as surgeons we can't get perfect symmetry when the platform is uneven.

Case Study 4: Internal bra used for bottoming out and upsize

There are different types of internal bras. In this case I used the mesh technique to help with the bottoming out and provide support for the implant.

You will notice the nipple is at the same height in space (see tattoos as reference points) but now it looks more centred on the breast rather than sitting so high because the breast platform has been raised.

The key to all breast cases is securing and supporting the breast crease and implant lower pole.

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