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Dr Pouria Moradi MBBS BSc (Med) MRCS (Eng) FRACS (plas)

Making the choice to undergo surgery is an incredibly personal decision and when choosing your surgeon, it should be someone who is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for their patients.

I pride myself on hard work and dedication and strive for perfection. This has been something ingrained into me from a young age. As a teenager, I devoted countless hours towards playing tennis; waking up at the crack of dawn to run to the courts, with my father following behind me in the car, to practice before the school day began. This led me to becoming a state champion but more importantly, these attributes have followed me throughout my career.

Dedicated to my patients, I place an emphasis on finding the best surgical solution for a patient's situation. During a consultation, I will listen to you and use my strong academic and clinical background to educate you on what can be accomplished through surgery. Completing part of my residency in the UK, I have been fortunate enough to work with renowned surgeons from across the globe. I use this diverse range of knowledge and experience to benefit my patients by tailoring a procedure for their silhouette.

Outside of my practice, I'm proud to be a consultant at POW, Royal Hospital for Women's and Sydney Children's Hospitals where I predominantly perform microsurgical reconstruction for breast and facial cancer patients. Being able to donate my time and experience is far more valuable and rewarding than a monetary donation could ever be.

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Skills and experience

Having studied medicine at UNSW as a Sam Cracknell Sport and Academic Scholar, I was then awarded Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2005 and Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery.

Whilst I trained predominantly in Australia, I have also worked extensively in specialist surgical units in England, Scotland, Belgium and Sweden. The clinical and technical skills I acquired during these four years abroad are invaluable in delivering a high-quality surgical service to my patients. Just as importantly, I developed collaborative relationships with some of Europe's great surgical minds and gained experience working in differing healthcare systems. I continue to work alongside these colleagues developing new ideas, research projects and exchanging information to improve outcomes for my patients.

Key interests and techniques

My specialist interests include microsurgical reconstruction and cosmetic surgery, with the majority of my operative time being spent performing these two disciplines. In fact, I am one of the few plastic surgeons in Sydney who exclusively performs both microsurgical and cosmetic surgery for the breast and face. On completion of my fellowship in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery I decided to further my skills and knowledge in these fields by undertaking formal postgraduate subspecialty training.

My first fellowship was at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and academic health science centre which is the largest secondary care provider in the UK. The primary focus of this fellowship was microsurgical reconstruction of the breast, head and neck and lower limb. I have continued this microsurgical work at POW Hospital, as an integral member of the cancer multidisciplinary teams.

My second fellowship was a mentorship under Per Heden in cosmetic plastic surgery at the prestigious Akademikliniken in Stockholm, the largest cosmetic surgical clinic in Europe. Both these subspecialty fellowship reviews have been published in the acclaimed Annals of Plastic Surgery. Alongside these clinical foci, I have a passion for clinical leadership and education.

Committed to the public health system

I am a visiting medical officer and clinical lecturer at Prince of Wales, Royal Women's and Sydney Children's Hospitals in Sydney.

As an integral member of the cancer multidisciplinary teams, my primary focus is on a microsurgical reconstruction of the breast, head and neck, and lower limb.

My commitment to the public health system also includes mentoring future plastic surgeons in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, with 12 plastic surgical trainees rotating through my departments per year.

Alongside these clinical foci, I have a passion for improvement science and clinical leadership. In 2012, I was selected for the Clinical Excellence Commission's (CEC) clinical leadership program.

I presented my paper to the CEC and the Health Minister in March 2013. My clinical leadership goal is to implement at least one significant health care improvement initiative in each public hospital per year.

My current leadership and academic roles include:

  • Supervisor of Plastic Surgical training at POW Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women
  • Member of the PRS curriculum taskforce which is responsible for creating an entirely new competency-based training program for plastic surgical trainees in Australia and New Zealand
  • President of the NSW Chapter of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery

Microsurgical Fellowship: Charing Cross Hospital, London

Imperial College NHS Trust is the largest trust in the UK and was created in 2007 by merging Charing Cross, St Mary's and Hammersmith Hospitals. As a tertiary referral centre, my primary focus during the year-long fellowship at Charing Cross was microsurgical reconstruction of the breast, head and neck and lower limb. My review article on this fellowship has been published in the prestigious Annals of Plastic Surgery and can be downloaded below.
My microsurgical workload included:
  • 90 free tissue transfer reconstructions
  • 54 breast reconstruction cases
  • 24 head and neck reconstruction cases
  • 12 lower limb microsurgical reconstruction cases
  • 20 pedicled flap reconstructions of the lower limb, sternum, breast and perineal regions

Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship: Akademikliniken, Stockholm

Akademikliniken was established in 1991 in Stockholm and specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and dentistry. AK, as it is colloquially referred to, is the largest private cosmetic surgical clinic in Europe. My review article on this fellowship has been published in the prestigious Annals of Plastic Surgery and can be downloaded below.
I worked under the mentorship of Per Heden and eight other specialist cosmetic plastic surgeons during my six-month fellowship. My aesthetic caseload (excluding the liposuction cases) during this fellowship included:
  • 114 aesthetic facial plastic surgical procedures
  • 123 aesthetic breast procedures
  • 73 general aesthetic plastic surgical procedures

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