The goal is to get the best possible results for my patients.

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Technique . Clarity . Precision

When choosing your surgeon, there's a lot to consider. One of the mistakes that society makes is thinking that all doctors sit in a bell curve resembling a hockey stick. This idea that all surgeons sit in the 80% - 90% category is a fantasy. However, being a plastic surgeon implies that you have a certain level of training and competence.
Every surgery I conduct is done so with the upmost technique, precision and attention to detail enabling me to get the best possible results for my patients. When you visit my practice, the goal is to achieve the best results for your frame.

The House Breasts Built

Choosing an implant is like building a house. When you build a house, you need a parcel of land. So, if you have a 200 parcel of land, you can't put a 400 square house on it. It doesn't fit — it can't fit.
Don't ever get obsessed about the volume. A 250cc implant on a small lady looks huge while a 250cc on a big lady looks terrible. You have to remember, it's all about the parcel of land. And then after choosing an implant, we look at my gallery of before and afters. Which is why we try to put as many photos on the gallery, so we can go through them all.

Managing Expectations

Managing expectations and working with patients to help them understand the best plastic surgery outcome is contingent on their body shape and type.
The hardest sort of patients are those who are kind of overweight, have big, saggy breasts and have breast fed three kids. And then they bring a photo size six Instagram model with ripped abs and amazing breasts. It just does not fit. It's impossible to do that.

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Your Surgeon Matters

As a teenager, I devoted countless hours towards playing tennis; waking up at the crack of dawn to run to the courts and practice before the school day began. I became a state champion but more importantly, it taught me the value of hard work and dedication. This is something that I have carried throughout my career.

Dedicated to my patients, I place an emphasis on finding the best surgical solution for you and will use my strong academic and clinical background to educate you on what can be accomplished through surgery.

Outside of my practice, I'm proud to be a consultant at POW, Royal Hospital for Women's and Sydney Children's Hospitals where I predominantly perform microsurgical reconstruction for breast and facial cancer patients. Being able to donate my time and experience is far more valuable and rewarding than a monetary donation could ever be.

I also have a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery.

Dedicated to your results.


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation may seem like simple surgery, but it is far more than just putting an implant behind the breast gland. When planning a breast augmentation, we also need to consider breast symmetry, your frame, implant size and shape.

Traditionally, before and after photos of past patients have been used to predict outcomes. However, this can be inaccurate which is why I believe in placing an emphasis on understanding your surgical goals and moving forward to plan the procedure together.

This process is assisted with the use of 3D Breast Simulation software to help plan the operation and attempt to predict the likely post-operative result. Using my simulation software, we will then carefully plan your operation and render a likely post-operative result based on implant size, shape and position.


Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can mean different things to different women. But essentially, as the name suggests, the process involves removing excess fat, tissue and skin to leave the patient with a breast size which is in proportionate to the rest of their body.

However, I believe that if you think of it simplistically like that, then you're missing the focus of the operation. The most important thing to understand is that you're trying to reshape the breast, reduce the volume of the breast and also reposition the breast. If you do one of these things without the others, the end result may not be as appealing as you'd like.

This makes a breast reduction reliant on your pre-operative goals in terms of what size you want to go to. Most people just want to go smaller so it's easier to find clothing and so they experience less neck and back pain. Once we understand your goals, we begin to plan your highly individualised procedure to achieve an excellent result.



What needs to be understood about rhinoplasty is that it's both a functional and aesthetic operation and requires a lot of training and planning to get just right.

The functional component of it is if you have difficulty breathing. This is (most likely) caused by a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates as you're not allowing much air to flow through. So, from a functional perspective, our aim is to straighten the septum and remove the turbinates so air can get through.

The aesthetic part of a rhinoplasty can mean different things to different people. Some people just want a small hump taken off, some people want the tip done, some people want their nose smaller and some people want all of it. So, the aesthetic part is whatever the patient believes is the problem with their nose.



Bariatric surgery is constantly becoming a more popular procedure and a very big complication of losing a lot of weight is that you've got a lot of loose skin. This is because the skin will not retract as quickly as the rate you lose weight. This is also common in post-pregnancy patients.

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may be the most suited operation or, what's known as a 'corset abdominoplasty' (fleur de lis abdominoplasty) may be more appropriate. What distinguishes this type of abdominoplasty is its unique technique which removes excess skin from the abdomen in both a horizontal and vertical direction.

The ultimate factor that will decide what treatment method we go with is the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. A belt lipectomy may even be appropriate. During your consultation, we will discuss your surgical options in greater detail and discuss any other surgical goals you may have.

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Dr Pouria Moradi in the media

Along with my clinical focus, I am supervisor of Plastic Surgical training at POW Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women's, a member of the PRS curriculum taskforce which is responsible for creating and overseeing the training program for plastic surgical trainees in Australia and New Zealand and president of the NSW Chapter of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery. Because of my extensive involvement in the surgical community, many media companies approach me for my opinion on trending industry topics.

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