Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breast Surgery Sydney

Tuberous or tubular breasts are the condition caused when breast tissue does not properly proliferate during puberty.

This condition is not very common but there are a large number of women who do suffer from tuberous breasts. Many simply do not seek medical help as this condition does not pose a direct threat to their health. The only time that tuberous breasts may cause physical problems is during breastfeeding.

How are tuberous breasts diagnosed?

Tuberous breasts are diagnosed based on the way in which the natural breasts look. Most commonly they are lacking in both vertical and horizontal breast tissue with a gap of about 4cm between them. Usually, the area surrounding the nipple may appear to be constricted or collapsed, frequently with the areola appearing enlarged. Tuberous breasts often lack symmetry with one noticeably larger than the other. They commonly have an oval, pointed or square shape as opposed to the regular rounded shape of breasts.

What causes tuberous breasts?

Though the exact cause of tuberous breasts is yet to be pinpointed, tuberous breasts usually present themselves during puberty. They are often caused by insufficient breast tissue developing. There are also usually problems with the ring of tissue connecting the areola to the rest of the breast as it is not formed or shaped the way it is meant to, giving the drooping appearance.

How to correct tuberous breasts

The best treatment for tuberous breasts is cosmetic surgery. Dr Moradi is experienced in properly assessing and diagnosing the condition and then proceeding with the necessary surgery.

Tuberous breast deformity describes a spectrum of developmental abnormalities.

The correction of them usually involves a number of surgical modalities, such as implant insertion, fat grafting, breast lift, areolar reduction. Commonly all of the above are required.

Occasionally the tissue deficient is so great that there isn’t enough room for a breast implant. In these cases, a staged approach is required where a tissue expander is placed into the breast tissue and inflated periodically to recruit and grow the pocket.

Dr Moradi is an expert when it comes to breast reconstruction as he takes into consideration all of the aspects that define a desirable breast. There are four important parameters which define the beauty of a breast:

  1. Location on the chest wall
  2. Proportions of the breast in relation to the torso
  3. Aesthetically pleasing shape
  4. Symmetry of the breasts in both volume and shape

The final shape of the breast is never determined by the breast platform, the volume or the skin envelope independently. It is a combined action of these three elements which will result in a pleasing and natural appearing breast that maintains a stable shape over the years.

Recovery time

After the surgery, you will most likely need to spend at least one night in hospital. Usually, about one week will be enough to remain at home and recover after the procedure. You will also be prescribed painkillers to manage any pain you may have. After six weeks, you will be able to return back to vigorous exercise and your regular lifestyle as prior to the surgery.

Is the surgery covered by insurance?

In most cases, your insurer and Medicare will cover some of the costs of correcting a tuberous breast deformity.

In Australia the rules are pretty simple:

  • See a plastic surgeon: he/she will examine you and decide whether you are eligible to use a Medicare item.
  • If Medicare approves them as tuberous breasts, then your insurer will cover the cost of the hospital, operating theatre, implants and around $1000 if the surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees
  • That leaves your out of pocket fees for your surgeon (which often varies greatly)

If you feel that you may suffer from tuberous breasts and wish to have them corrected, then book an appointment with Dr Moradi who will be able to properly assess your situation and determine what surgery will be required to give them a more natural appearance that you will be delighted with.