How Many CC’s Equals One Bra Cup?

The first question Dr Moradi is asked during a breast augmentation consultation is, "How many CC's equals one bra cup size increase? I want to go from an A to a C cup."

Research overtime has found that no two bra cup sizes are the same, and not all breasts are created equally.

For example, an A cup from Brand 1, and an A cup from Brand 2 will not hold the same volume.

Standardisation in the Bra Industry

Research has also found there is no standard bra size, size guide, or volume to follow in the bra-making industry.

Therefore, comparing CC's to one bra cup size could be comparing apples to apples; it could be relatively comparable. Or, it could be near-impossible to compare; comparing apples to oranges.

This research confirms what is important for patients to know, which suggests 130CC to 150CC = 1 Bra Cup Size (130CC for narrower band widths and 150CC for wider band widths).

Dr Moradi advises patients when they are considering breast augmentation to not ask "How many CC's equals one bra cup size increase?" as one can never really guarantee a bra size.

Rather, book a consultation with Dr Moradi and bring examples of results you desire. Dr Moradi will analyse your current breast size and map out what can be achieved with different sized implants.

Breast Augmentation Sydney

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