High Profile Implants

This type of implant is extremely narrow at the base to provide maximum breast projection. High profile implants yield the fullest and most rounded results, which give a fuller large look to the breasts than a low profile implant would..

What are High Profile Implants?

The profile of an implant refers to how far it projects out from the chest wall NOT how high it sits. The profiles or projections from lowest to highest for the two implant companies Dr Moradi uses are:

1) Moderate (Mentor) or Mini (Motiva)
2) Moderate Plus or Demi
3) High or Full
4) Ultra-High or Corse

Does having teardrop implant mean I get a natural result?

No, Dr Moradi has stated multiple times that the number one determinant of your final result was the pre-op shape. And the second most important determinant is the profile of an implant. A high profile teardrop will look more "fake" and "round" than a low profile round implant in the same patient.

What is the difference between Motiva Implants ergo vs progressive gel?

Both have the exact same shape and dimensions but the progressive gel is firmer and gives more of the "fake" look. Dr Moradi tells patients that if you want softer breasts that sit more natural, then go with ergo implants. But if you want firmer breasts with more upper pole, he recommends patients go with progressive gel.

Do high profile implants have higher revision rates?

Yes and No. Yes, in that the larger the implant the larger the potential problems compared to smaller implants. And no, everyone that goes high profile never says "I wish I went bigger".

Can I have an implant this large for my first implant?

Generally no, these larger implants are used for women who want to upsize.

Can high profile implants look natural?

Yes, Dr Moradi tells all his patients the number one determinant of the final result is the pre-existing shape and tissue envelope. In post breast feeding deflation you need extra volume to achieve a full but natural result.

What is Dual Plane?

This refers to the pocket that is created for the implant. You can either be above or below the muscle. In dual plane the pocket is below the muscle with the implant being covered in the top half by muscle and gland in the lower half. Hence Dual Plane.

There are different variants of dual plane depending on the pec major anatomy and how much the surgeon dissects the muscle off the gland.

How much does High Profile Implants cost?

Above all else, we warn all patients against cheap breast augmentations that are found online or from not so reputable sources. For an augmentation to be cheap, whoever is offering it, will have to cut some sort of costs whether it be the quality of the implant, the safety of the anaesthetic or even the state of the operating facilities. Worse still is that most people are unhappy with their results from these cheaper options either because of botched surgeries or poor execution, requiring extensive and costly surgeries to get the breasts back to normal. Our breast augmentation costs include the anaesthetist's fee, safe general anaesthetic, post-operative garments, the surgical assistant's fee and finally unlimited follow ups. Choose great care with Dr Moradi.

After the consultation, Dr Moradi's staff will give you an itemised account of the total cost for the procedure. Due to the fact that a breast augmentation can be tailored and unique, thus, the pricing will vary between patients.

High Profile Implant Results


The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, usually as a day case. Time off work to recover is usually around one week and vigorous exercise can usually be resumed after six weeks.

Post Surgery Garments

Dr Moradi is pretty strict with the use of post op garments. In general he likes post-op patients to wear a strap at the bottom of the breasts to support the breast crease, and a strap above to help with upper pole control, plus a bra.

You will wear the straps for a month, the bra for 2-3 months. Unlike other surgeons Dr Moradi likes underwire bras, as they provide a higher support to the breast crease.

Dr Moradi always reminds patients to trust the process.

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If the patient has good volume pre augmentation, they will have a fuller final look. I say to patients the number one indicator of what the post op results will be, depend on the pre-op shape and size. There will be scarring at the incision sites, the scars will be red and then turn white around the one year or more mark.

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