Asymmetrical Breast Surgery Sydney

Focusing on asymmetric breast and the procedures involved to alleviate this asymmetry.

In the case of asymmetrical breasts, even by the slightest, Dr Moradi may find himself using the same profile implant but slightly different volumes to attain near-perfect symmetry.

"I have tried using 3D software to predict the pre-op volume mismatch but to be honest I am more confident in my own assessment and intra-operative sizing techniques." says Dr Pouria Moradi.

Asymmetric Lift and Implants

In the case you have asymmetrical breasts and seek a breast lift and implants, you have a number of choices:

1) Do you remove more tissue on one side and use the same implant?

2) Remove the same amount of tissue and use asymmetric implants?

The choice comes down to your assessment and where you think the volume mismatch is and whether you can remove the excess during the lift. Most patients don't know they are asymmetric but as Dr Moradi say to all...

Noticing a minor mismatch may be missed pre-operation...

Dr Pouria Moradi

... You certainly will notice post-op though. So worth trying to correct even the most minor difference.

Tuberous Breasts vs. Asymmetric Breasts

The most common cause of extreme asymmetry is tuberous breast deformity It can present anywhere between under development to over development of breast tissue

Asymmetric Breast Surgery Results

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