Question: I had breast implants approximately nine weeks ago and am very happy with the size of my new breasts. However, I made it very clear to my plastic surgeon that I did not want the "fake" look of a high upper slope, and am becoming increasingly concerned that they are never going to drop for a more natural look. I was not given any post op exercises or massages regimens to implement, and I was advised not to wear a breast band. Is this happening because I used to work out so much before the surgery? I have called my plastic surgeons office a number of times to express my concerns. Now what?

Answer: The best course of action is to actually make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns face to face. Although nine weeks is too early to predict the final result of your surgery, it is my personal opinion that if they have not dropped by now, they probably will not drop further to satisfy the degree of slope you have in mind. Good luck. I hope this helped.