Question: At the age of 42 I have levelled out at a solid size 36HH after bearing children and breastfeeding. Now that those days are behind me, I am very much interested in undergoing breast reduction surgery. The two surgeons I have talked to employ two different techniques, one of which involves drains, and I am unsure which one I should take into consideration as I weigh both options. Can you help?

Answer: Since I do not know the exact details of either surgeon you have interviewed it is hard to comment on their procedures, except to say that I do not use drains -- for what that is worth. The most important thing to consider when interviewing cosmetic surgeons is that he or she is openly discussing your goals, while providing sound medical advice. You should have a good relationship with your doctor, and ensure that he or she is an accredited surgeon before making any decisions about altering your body within their practices. Ask each doctor to justify their technique, and explain why they feel it is better than another before making a final decision. I hope this helps!