Question: I am one week removed from breast augmentation surgery and I am ecstatic with the results! I love my new breasts, and am currently measuring at 34D, up from a small B cup. I have read that once the drop happens completely, I may boost a size, which would be completely fine. However, some blogs are reporting that after the swelling is gone (and I believe it to be already), you may drop a size. I do not want to drop a size, as I love where I am now. What should I expect?

Answer: I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the new you! Keep in mind that one week is awfully early to assess the final outcome of your surgery. If you feel that the swelling has decreased completely, you are probably at your final size. Stable cohesive implants are much more efficient and retain their shape a lot more than their saline or silicone counterparts. The good news is, for your particular case, that even if the implants fall a little it should not affect your cup size.