Question:I am considered rhinoplasty surgery, and have a couple of questions regarding the recovery time and what I should expect as a result. How long does it take for the swelling to go down? How long to heal completely? When can I go back to work?

Answer:As you could imagine, the overall time is going to be determined by your exact procedure, and whether it is open or closed, and how much fracturing takes place. The tip work will also become a factor in your overall healing time, which is different for everyone. However, a good ballpark estimation is that you will have the external splints for seven to ten days and the internal splints for two to four days, depending on your procedure. You should be back to work in two weeks, as the bruising will have subsided by then. You can even go back sooner if you are comfortable wearing your splints while you work. You will retain some swelling, usually around the tip of your nose, which is something usually only the patient and physician are aware of. I hope this helps. Good luck.