Question:I am seriously considering breast augmentation surgery and am opting for a very natural look and would rather no one know about my procedure. I am a physical education teacher and would like to schedule the surgery over a school break or holiday, so I do not have to take any additional time off (tipping anyone off to my change). Is a week long enough to recover?

Answer: Breast implant surgery is a major surgery, and one that should be considered to have a two week recovery time. However, if you are able to heal quicker, that is an exceptional bonus. The time differs for all women, and whether the surgery is under or over the muscle. Under the muscle will cause much more pain, and require a longer healing time. In your profession, however, it would be reasonable to say that you cannot do any strenuous physical activity for three to four weeks. So if you do take the one week total off, your ability to perform normal physical education activities will be limited over the following month. Good luck. I hope this helps.