What is breast implant revision surgery?

Breast implant revision surgery replaces old breast implants with new ones. 

Breast augmentation surgery can have transformative results, promoting long-lasting feelings of confidence and enhanced self-image. However, as your needs and body goals change over time, you might find yourself considering a breast implant revision surgery.

Breast implant revision surgery gives you a second chance to find the perfect symmetry between your frame and the appearance of your breasts. Read on to learn more about what breast implant revision surgery entails.

Why should I consider breast implant revision surgery?

There are many reasons for considering a breast implant revision surgery.

Over time, due to changes in the overall appearance of your body, you may have developed the desire for larger (or smaller) breast implants to complement your frame more harmoniously. In some cases, and particularly with older implants, the appearance (and feel) of the implants themselves might have changed over time.

Meanwhile, some women find that the experience of pregnancy or breastfeeding changes the appearance of their breast implants. Another reason might be that you have never quite been satisfied with your initial breast surgery results - and would like to continue to work with your surgeon towards achieving your body appearance goals.

No matter your situation, the goal of breast implant revision surgery is to improve upon the results of the initial surgery, often to achieve better symmetry in relation to your current body frame, or to correct any problems arising from the primary breast augmentation surgery.

When should I consider breast implant revision surgery?

There are many factors that might prompt your decision to undergo breast implant revision surgery, with the most common being medical factors.

Are you experiencing pain from your breast implants? This condition is called capsular contracture and can be resolved by breast implant revision surgery.

Most other factors relate to the desire to change the appearance or size of your breasts. Over time, breast implants can change shape or size, and the tissue in your breasts also changes - ultimately leading to differences in the appearance and feel of your breasts. If you are unhappy or self-conscious about the appearance of your breast implants, then you could consider breast implant revision surgery.

Am I a good candidate for breast implant revision surgery?

In order to determine whether you are a good candidate for breast revision surgery, you will undergo a thorough medical screening process to determine your suitability for the procedure.

You also need to be in good general health and you will need to stop smoking (if applicable) for a period leading up to the surgery, and then continue to make lifestyle adjustments throughout the recovery period. This will ensure a successful breast implant revision surgery.

Finally, bear in mind that you will likely need to provide your surgeon with the surgical details of your first breast surgery. This is crucial to allow your new surgeon to work with utmost accuracy and to bring about the best possible results for your breast implant revision surgery. You will also be expected to take an active role in researching and communicating with your surgeon to bring about the best possible surgical results.

How can we help?

Dr Pouria Moradi has a track record of producing transformative results for his patients. If you are unhappy with the size, feeling, shape or symmetry of your breast implants, he can perform a breast implant revision surgery to create a lasting feeling of happiness with the appearance of your breast implants. For more information about breast implant revision surgery and to view galleries of Dr Moradi's work, please read more here.

Dr Pouria Moradi understands that making the choice to undergo surgery is an incredibly personal decision. He is committed to providing expert and compassionate care, and his practice reflects this dedication to achieving the best possible results for patients. To arrange an appointment to meet Dr. Moradi and his team, please get in touch here.

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