Hey Folks,

"What implants should I choose?"

I hear this question all the time.

Now this is the most critical decision you will have to make throughout your clinical journey. But don't fear I am here to help you through it. Fortunately we are in an era of breast augmentation and not breast enlargement. We want to enhance the natural appearance of a breast. Not just enlarging it without paying any respect to its shape and form. This is why implant selection is so important. Choosing an implant is more of a science than an art. Which is great news for you, because it takes away the guess work and subjectivity that used to plague women who had breast implants. Today, you don't just rely on your surgeon to choose your implant, it is a 2 way decision process. Here's how I go about picking the perfect implant for you:
  • Thorough clinical history and examination.
This involves a conversation about your goals. These may be to look "fake" or it could be a subtle augmentation to rejuvenate your breasts after breastfeeding. During the clinical examination I will take some key measurements. The first one is the dimensions of your chest wall. This is the platform where the implant will sit. Think of this like a parcel of land and the implant is like a house. If you have a 200sqm parcel of land you can't build a 400sqm house on it. Same goes with breast implants, the maximum dimensions of your implants cannot exceed your chest wall. So if your friend had a certain sized implant that you liked, that doesn't mean it will fit on your body. Remember, if we base everything on science we will ensure the most reproducible post-operative outcomes. After all the critical measurements are made we sit down and I go through the range of implants that would fit your body. From here we narrow our focus down to a number of implant styles and volumes.
  • External Breast Sizers:
I have external sizers specially made by the implant companies designed to mimic the volumes of their implants. Once we have selected a range of implants you try the different sizers on. This is a rather crude measuring tool, but it helps give you a feel of the weight of the implants plus the added benefit of seeing your profile in the mirror.
  • 3D camera:
This has been the most helpful tool in my practice since the technology became available 3 years ago. The 3D camera takes a photo and creates a 3D model of you. We then sit in front of the computer together and select different implant styles and shapes from the implant catalogues. Using the 3D software we are then able to simulate what you will look like with different implants. Kinda like wearing different dresses before you buy one! I feel this technology really helps empower my patients and reassures them that they have selected the perfect implant for their body. So that's about it for implant selection. The consultation takes around an hour and you can see why. There are a lot of things we need to discuss. Oh one more thing, roughly speaking 100cc of volume equates to 1 cup size increase. So if you have a 300cc implant, that's an increase of 3 cup sizes. I hope this has been helpful and chat soon. Dr. Moradi