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Plastic Surgery Videos

The videos on Dr Moradi's online video hub offer an educational experience for patients to learn about their procedure before deciding if it is right for them or not.

His captivating presentations make researching for procedures easy to access and informative, so that even those with no previous knowledge of this type of surgery will be able to follow along easily enough. Many of his videos also present one or more case studies, so if you see a case similar to yours, be sure to watch!

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Giving Back

People can give back to the community in different ways. For Dr Moradi, he chooses to donate his time. Find out about the different leadership positions that Dr Moradi currently holds amongst the Australian plastics community and why he thinks this experience is invaluable.

Good Mentors

What makes a good mentor? As a mentor himself, this is a question that Dr Moradi frequently thinks about.

Cosmetic Surgeons Vs Plastic Surgeons

If you are newly researching different cosmetic procedures, you are probably wondering what the difference is between a cosmetic and a plastic surgeon. To put it simply, in Australia, to call yourself a plastic surgeon you must be a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). But what really is the difference between a plastic and cosmetic surgeon?

Distinguishing Between a Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

You’re aware that there’s a difference in the level of experience and training between a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, but how can you tell which is which while you are searching their websites or during a consultation? It could all be in the name…

More Discerning

Your relationship with Dr Moradi, or any surgeon for that matter, is a two-way street. Although it is important for you to be comfortable with him, it is equally as important for him to be comfortable with you. Find out what Dr Moradi looks for in a patient.

Patient Challenges

During the initial stage of pre-surgery, you (as a patient) have a lot to think about. You need to carefully research, consider exactly what you are hoping to achieve and find a surgeon to help you obtain the best result. During this video, Dr Moradi discusses the challenges of the modern-day patient.

Dedicated to your results

Challenges for New Surgeons

To become a specialised plastic surgeon, you must undergo years of training. However, even after you become a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, you still have a lot to consider. In fact, your journey is still only beginning.

The Future of My Practice

Although nobody can predict what’s around the corner, we try to aim and aspire to be better than what we were today. In this video Dr Moradi discusses where he sees his surgical practice going both in the near and distant future.

Reclaim Your Curves

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their lives. Of these women, a selection will need to get a mastectomy. Learn about Dr Moradi’s contribution to charity ‘Reclaim Your Curves’ and how it aims to educate Australians on breast reconstruction.

Surgical Training Supervision

To Dr Moradi, being able to donate his time is far more valuable than donating a large amount of money could ever be. One of the many way’s Dr Moradi gives back is through training the next generation of plastic surgeons.

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