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Who or what is your greatest love?

They say there is only one happiness in life – to love, and to be loved and that love, in its truest form, can last until the end of time. Watch this video to learn about the greatest love of Dr Moradi’s life.

Where and when were you most happy?

In a sense, life can be like a rollercoaster; you have your ups and your downs. In some of those dark moments, we tend to sit back and reflect on a better time. A time full of happiness and joy. Find out the moment when Dr Moradi was happiest.

What’s your motto?

Having a motto can make a big difference in your life. It can remind you of the person you want to be, the qualities you want to develop and strengthen in yourself and it can help you set the right types of goals. In this video, find out what personal motto Dr Moradi lives by.

What’s your most treasured possession?

We all have things that we treasure. It might be something sentimental like a childhood toy, an old locket or family photos, or it may be something that you’ve worked hard to achieve like a luxurious car or dream house. Find out what Dr Moradi’s most treasured possession is.

What’s Your Why?

In life, people rarely stop to think about their ‘why’. Why they wake up every morning, why they do what they do and so on. However, uncovering your ‘why’ can be liberating. It’s not just the reason why you do what you do. It’s a consistent reminder that keeps you grounded, energized and laser focused. In this video, Dr Moradi discusses his ‘why’.

What’s your greatest regret?

Some people may tell you not to live life with regret. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. However, we can make the most of our regrets; live from them and grow from them. In this video, discover Dr Moradi’s greatest regret.

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What’s your current state of mind?

Although it may be difficult to believe, your state of mind can say a lot about you as a whole. In three or four short words, you can summarise who you are as a person. In this video, Dr Moradi talks about what he’s feeling in this current moment.

Why do you like watches?

Dr Moradi has previously mentioned how he is very fond of his watches. But what made him start collection watches in the first place? Is it the aesthetic appeal, the mechanics behind the watch or the brand? Learn why Dr Moradi loves watches.

Evolving Goals

Are goals important? Or is it better to go with the flow? Many people in business will tell you that you need goals to be successful. However, this may not always be the case. Watch this video to learn about Dr Moradi’s unique theory of evolving goals.

How would you like to die?

Death is a natural part of life, and sometimes, it’s not about the length of your life, but the depth of it. However, when that time comes, there are better ways to go than others. Find out how Dr Moradi would ideally like to die.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

By definition, a virtue is a positive character trait, good habit or personal quality that’s deemed as being ‘good’. But are all virtues necessary? Do we value more than others? In this video, Dr Moradi discusses the virtues he considers overrated.

What do you consider is the lowest depth of misery?

You’ve probable heard someone say it before: “I’ve hit rock bottom”. However, when they explain their situation, what they consider the end of the world may seem salvageable to you. This is because ‘misery’ can be completely different things to different people. In this video, Dr Moradi discusses his lowest depth of misery.