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Plastic Surgery Videos

The videos on Dr Moradi's online video hub offer an educational experience for patients to learn about their procedure before deciding if it is right for them or not.

His captivating presentations make researching for procedures easy to access and informative, so that even those with no previous knowledge of this type of surgery will be able to follow along easily enough. Many of his videos also present one or more case studies, so if you see a case similar to yours, be sure to watch!

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Case Study: Asymmetric Breast Augmentation

Dr Moradi corrects asymmetric breasts with Breast Augmentation.

Case Study: Dr Moradi Performing Asymmetric Breast Augmentation

This patient has undergone Asymmetric Breast Augmentation using 330cc Moderate Plus implants on the right and 245cc implants on the left.

Case Study: Asymmetric Breast Augmentation By Dr Moradi

This patient underwent an Asymmetric Breast Augmentation using a 330cc Implant for the right and a 280cc Implant for the left, plus fat grafting. Dr Moradi shows this using a visual examination.