Question: I am currently two and a half weeks out of breast augmentation surgery that included a lift and implants. I am very unhappy with the post-op symmetry and nipple size of my new breasts, and when I expressed this to my surgeon she seemed to blow it off. I pursued the surgery for lift and volume, but was happy with the existing symmetry and now I absolutely hate the way my breasts look. It seems as if they are two totally different breasts, and not a pair. I am very worried about the final outcome. Is this just going to get worse?

Answer: It is tough to judge the final results of your surgery based on two and a half weeks of healing time. Please be patient with the healing process, and wait for your implants to settle and the swelling to go down completely, which will take approximately three months, before making any judgement calls on the results. Also, I would not consider any revisions to this surgery until at least six months as passed. Hang in there, and be patient. Your results will differ from today. Good luck!