Question: I live in New York, and travel quite often throughout the world. I am looking for a plastic surgeon who can accomplish rhinoplasty and liposuction procedures with accuracy. I am in Thailand each year, but think the liposuction results may be better in the DR. Help!

Answer: Cosmetic tourism, as our office calls it, has tremendous downfalls. We see countless patients who have jetted off to Thailand for their procedures in an effort to save money, but their jaunt is proven ineffective when we have to supply correctional measures or follow up care. New York City is a premier location for plastic surgeons, and although it may cost more the accredited surgeons there will supply the following attributes, where Thailand and the DR fall short. • Follow-up Care • Comprehensive Complication Plan (if something goes wrong, what will they do?) I would stick with the trusted physicians in New York for both procedures. I hope this helps, and good luck!