Question: I am 5' 3", weigh 125 pounds and am currently a 34B cup. I would like to enhance my breast size to a 34C and have done all of the research, and am only doing this for myself -- so I am confident with my decision to move forward with the surgery. However, there seem to be so many options to consider that my head is spinning while trying to make a decision. Which option is best for me?

Answer: Good for you for doing all of the work, and being motivated by only your desires. That is a great starting point. With that said, it is really hard to give online advice without actually measuring you, or at the very least seeing photos. To make an informed decision, and one you will be pleased with going forward, consider a plastic surgeon that has 3D imaging, so you can assess the projected size on your actual frame. This is a great way to see accurate results, and decide which size is right for you. Good luck!