Things To Remember When Considering Breast Augmentation

When it comes to breasts, you are not limited to the ones you are born with. Dr Moradi has years of experience in breast augmentations.

Breast augmentation can be used to enlarge your breasts. Although there is more to getting breast implants than having the implant put in. Seemingly small details can mean the difference between finally getting your dream breasts and making an expensive mistake.

You can't have anyone else's breasts

Many women are inspired to get a breast augmentation by seeing the results other women have had. It is great to have an idea of what you would like your breasts to look like. A breast augmentation is an extremely personal procedure. Results are affected by the variable size and shape of the implant. A lot of the final result is predetermined by the physical features on which implant is going to be added. The chest wall and the breast tissue are important factors to how your breast implants will eventually look. Discussing possible outcomes of your surgery is an important part of the consultation process. During your consultation you may be able to see representations of how your breasts are likely to look. Using a breast simulation software, Dr Moradi is able to give you an accurate prediction of how your breasts are likely to look. He will give you the option to ask questions and discuss concerns based on a visual image rather than a concept. Contact Dr Moradi for a in depth consultation and 3D simulation.

Does positioning matter?

Some people are of the opinion that the positioning of the implant does not affect the appearance of your implant. Where the implant is placed on the chest and where among the breast tissue it is enveloped can affect the shape, perceived size and texture of your implant. As a result of the surgical interference with the breast tissue breast implants initially feel hardened. The texture of your breast changes during recovery. Your breasts will changes and soften due to the positioning of the implant in relation to the breast muscles. Depending on the individual circumstances of each woman the implant can be place over the breast muscle or beneath the muscle. This will affect the size of the implant a woman can get while still maintaining a texture that is close to natural. Book a consultation with Dr Moradi to see what procedure is right for you.

Timing is key

A woman's breasts can be affected by changes in her life such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and weight loss. Having breast augmentation doesn't change that. Changes in the natural breasts can affect the overall appearance of the breasts even after a breast augmentation.  Sometimes patients can experience the effects of surgery reverse. It is advisable for a woman to time her surgery carefully. It is suggested to be at your ideal weight (with intentions to maintain your weight), no plans for future pregnancies, 6 months or more after you have stopped breastfeeding and after the breasts have developed completely. Considering a full mummy makeover including breast augmentation? Arrange a consultation with Dr Moradi!

Risks and recovery

With every surgical procedure come risks. Breast augmentation surgery is a relatively safe procedure with minimal chance of experiencing side effects or medical complications if the recovery instructions set by your surgeon are followed correctly. Post-surgery consultations with your doctor is important. Throughout your recovery you will have access to your surgeon should you have any concerns about your surgery.  It is for this reason among others that local plastic surgery is safer than overseas plastic surgery holidays which may be cheaper. Book a consultation with Dr Moradi to discuss your breast augmentation options.