Meet Stephanie. She recently shared her post-weight loss journey by Dr Pouria Moradi.

Stephanie says it was when her and her husband wanted children that she decided she needed to lose weight. However, after losing 16kg, Stephanie fell pregnant with triplets which brought her weight loss journey to a halt. A couple of years after her children were born, Stephanie tried a weight loss program and lost around 60kg. Post-weight loss surgery treatments can provide results that slim and tighten your stomach, reduce the size of the legs, arms, hips and buttocks, refine lost body contours, and tighten the arms. Stephanie's treatments included a corset abdominoplasty and a breast reduction. Stephanie spoke with the team at Plastic Surgery Hub sharing the ins-and-outs of her journey and how she now helps others to lose weight, just like she did. Listen to her story below.