Mini Breast Implants Sydney

Often the idea of a breast augmentation is associated with breast enhancement with bigger implants and styles.

For petite women with small frames, lean or athletic bodies, or small amounts of breast tissue, the mini Motiva implants offered by Dr Pouria Moradi are perfect.

The mini breast implants are proportionate with the lowest projection and aim to achieve a fully natural aesthetic with small cleavage.

However many women prefer smaller breasts that are between 150cc and 275cc that offer a natural look with a bit of cleavage. These implants are not for everyone, as they may not make a difference for some women.

The entire procedure itself does not change, as you will pick the implant size, type of implant and positioning.

Are the mini breast implants worth it?

Yes, many women with athletic, petite and smaller frames prefer little implants as they still appear natural, flattering, subtle and fit in with their lifestyle.

For women with a small amount of natural breast tissue, the smaller implants are suitable, as you require a larger amount of breast tissue for larger implants. A lack of breast tissue can cause breast implants to ripple, stretch or bottom out.

You can get great cleavage with mini implants especially in conjunction with a bra technique.

The internal bra technique is used to create close cleavage when lying on your back.

Types of internal bra:

  • Suture technique: This is where barbed sutures are used to close off and tighten the existing implant pocket. A must in all revision cases.
  • Mesh technique: As you would have seen in my previous posts this is where we use a mesh to act as a hammock for the implant. A must in complex cases and whenever patients want to go to the extra large implants.
  • Muscle technique: This is a technique Dr Moradi invented for all his cases where he raises a composite lateral pec muscle, serratus fascia flap and using cable sutures create a lateral hammock for the implant.

Mini breast implants - Before and after gallery

Discover what Motiva mini breast implants from Dr Pouria Moradi can do for you.

He gave these women just the breast size they were looking for to support their frames and not appear too large.

For more before and afters, please check out Dr Pouria Moradi on Instagram.

Who should avoid getting breast implants?

Women associated with any of the following are not suitable for breast implants:

  • Suffering from any infection
  • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Any existing breast carcinomas
  • Diseases which impact wound healing
  • Tissues which is incompatible with mammoplasty
  • Advanced fibrocystic disease
  • Classified at a surgical risk by a plastic surgeon

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What are possible complications of breast implant treatment?

As with any surgical procedures, there are associated risks and complications. Dr Pouria Moradi will discuss both the surgery and long-term complications with you during your initial consultation.

Complications of the surgery can include:

  • Bruising & swelling
  • Discomfort & pain
  • Infection
  • Itchiness
  • Hardness
  • Bleeding
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Temporary loss or changes in sensation

How long is the recovery after breast implant surgery?

The total recovery time depends on the individual's health and body.

However you can expect to be swollen, sensitive and feeling discomfort for about 48 after your surgery. You should also expect to feel tired and tightness in the chest for a few days.

You should take at least one week off work and avoid strenuous activities for a couple of weeks after surgery.

Dr Moradi - Specialist Plastic Surgeon

"I am a consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon working as a visiting medical officer at Prince of Wales, Royal Women's and Sydney Children's Hospitals, and an associate lecturer at UNSW Medical School.

Having studied medicine at UNSW as a Sam Cracknell Sport and Academic Scholar, I was then awarded Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2005 and Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery."

By contacting Dr Moradi, you will be provided with in-depth information regarding the mini Motiva breast implants, and what you can expect of the treatment.

During this consultation, Dr Pouria Moradi will personalise your treatment based off your body type and goals.

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