Motiva Demi Breast Implants Sydney

The name Demi refers to the projection of the breast implant.

The Demi implant is the second most projecting out of the Motiva implants.

The Motiva 380cc Demi Implants are a popular choice for patients of Dr Pouria Moradi looking for a fuller look, while still maintaining natural aesthetics.

Other options include the 300cc, 340cc and 360cc Demi Implants.

When are 380cc Demi Breast Implants used?

Patients whose breasts are either naturally empty, or deflated post breast feeding may be searching for implants that will give upper pole fullness, to restore volume to their chest, while maintaining a natural look.

Well, Dr Pouria Moradi suggests that the Motiva 380cc Demi Breast Implants are a great choice for these patients, as they offer a moderate-low projection, which helps to give and maintain completely natural aesthetics and sizing, without looking fake.

It's important to know that no patient is the same, and the implant size is based off individual circumstances, including height, chest size, breast size and individual needs of the patient.

What implant pocket offers the most natural results?

There are two pockets that the Motiva Demi implants can sit in, either below or above the muscle.

Benefits of implants below the pectoral muscle

Implants placed below the pectoral muscle are also known as dual plane implants. Implants under the muscle will usually offer a more natural breast contour, as they are generally camouflaged by the pectoral muscle.

The benefits of implants below the muscle includes:

  • Offers more natural contours
  • Reduced risk of rippling (folds/wrinkles)
  • More visual breast tissue on mammograms

Benefits of implants above the pectoral muscle

Implants placed above the pectoral muscle and below the breast tissue are also known as subglandular or subfascial implants.

The benefits of implants above the muscle includes:

  • Doesn't flatten out as chest muscles flex
  • The implant descends as the breasts naturally descend
  • These implants can lift the breasts for patients who have a little sagging
  • Recovery is less uncomfortable and quicker

380cc Demi Breast Implant - Before and After Gallery

Discover how Dr Pouria Moradi has transformed many patients breasts who had empty envelopes, or deflated breasts post breast feeding.

He gave these women the upper pole fullness they wanted, without looking unnatural or fake.

For more before and afters, please check out Dr Pouria Moradi on Instagram.

Who should not get breast implants?

Women who should not get breast implants include the following:

  • Currently pregnant or nursing
  • Suffering from any infection in the body
  • Existing carcinomas of the breast
  • Any diseases impacting wound healing
  • Suffering advanced fibrocystic disease
  • Tissue which is incompatible with a mammoplasty
  • Classified at surgical risk by the specialist plastic surgeon

What are potential complications with breast implants?

Breast implants carry the same surgical risks as other surgical procedures. Patients may experience:

  • Swelling & bruising
  • Discomfort & pain
  • Hardness
  • Itching
  • Twinges

Other potential adverse events associated with breast implants, including capsular contracture, rupturing, changes in sensation, infections, deformity, implant extrusion and other complications that your specialist plastic surgeon will explain.

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Can you breastfeed with breast implants?

Breast implants can interfere with the ability to breastfeed successfully. Implants can reduce or eliminate milk production altogether.

However most women with breast implants have successfully breastfed and nursed their children.

How long does it take to recover after breast implants?

The recovery time depends on the individual patients health, figure and other variables.

Generally during the first 48 hours post surgery you may have a higher body temperature, and your breasts will be swollen and sensitive. You will also feel tightness in the breasts and tired for several days after your surgery.

It's important to avoid all strenuous activity for at least a couple of weeks after your surgery, however you can return to work after a few days of your surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Demi Implants

What is a Mini implant?

The Mini refers to the projection of the implant. In the Motiva range of implants used by Dr Pouria Moradi, it's the lowest most projecting of their implants.

In the Mentor range these would be called Moderate implants.

The Demi refers to the projection of the implant. In the Motiva range of implants used by Dr Pouria Moradi, it's the 2nd most projecting of their implants.

In the Mentor range these would be called Moderate Plus implants.

The Full refers to the projection of the implant. In the Motiva range of implants used by Dr Pouria Moradi, it's the 3rd most projecting of their implants, which means it is quite big.

In the Mentor range these would be called High implants.

The Corsé refers to the projection of the implant. In the Motiva range of implants used by Dr Pouria Moradi, it's the most projecting of their implants, which means it is the largest implant offered.

In the Mentor range these would be called Ultra-High implants.

The profile or the projection refers to how far out it sits on your chest. For example, the further it sits out, the higher the breasts are going to go.

A lower profile implant sits lower, whereas higher profile implants sit further out.

Neither. Well that's not completely true as they are round to the eye. However the ergonomic gel in Motiva Implants acts like a natural shaped implant when placed under the muscle.

There are 2 pockets that a breast implant can sit, either above or below the muscle.

Below is more natural as the upper pole of the implant is camouflaged by the pec muscle. Placing the implant under the muscle is also known as the dual plane.

You usually wear these for 1 to 3 months depending on your case. However, the longer the better.

Most patients feel more comfortable wearing the bra indefinitely at night time for support.

The answer is simple, every patient is different. The chest, breast and skin platform dictate whether you look fake or natural more than the implant you select.

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