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The video attached below shows exactly how Dr Moradi can fix any of these issues using a round breast implant.

But firstly, what is the difference between the two implants?

Round Implants

The most common implant shape used for breast augmentation. Round implants are a symmetrical circular compressed sphere that has a squishy consistency of saline or silicone.

They come in a variety of sizes, offer great upper pole fullness and a soft touch.

Teardrop Implants

Also known as anatomical implants, these are shaped to mimic the appearance of the natural breast with an asymmetric shape. This implant has a thinner upper area that gently slopes down into a more full and rounded base.

Teardrop implants are commonly made from cohesive silicone gel that is stable and allows them to maintain the teardrop shape whether standing up or laying down.

Which implant is better for you?

Many patients often believe the teardrop implant will look more natural, however, this is not always the case as Motiva round implants can appear more natural due to the liquid-filler resting towards the bottom.

The Motiva round implants also appear more rounded, smoother and offer natural-looking results while laying down, as the liquid-filler evenly spreads around, whereas the teardrop remains in shape.

Both implants work, and it solely depends on what the patient chooses based on their own needs and recommendations of their plastic surgeon.

There are myths that say teardrop implants are better than smooth implants for patients with:

  • Tuberous - Underdeveloped breast/s which appear overly droopy or have large protruding nipples. Also known as hypoplasia.
  • Empty canvas -  Breasts don't develop, causing a flat chest.
  • Ptotic - The sagging of the breasts due to pregnancies, smoking, age or weight.
  • Asymmetric IMFs - The inflammatory fold (IMF) is at different points on both breasts causing them to be uneven.
  • Tight lower pole - Underdevelopment of the breast below the nipple.

However, this is not the case and Dr Moradi will show you the results he has achieved using the Motiva round implant in the video found below.

A common criticism of the Motiva implant

  • Gel does not form enough to push the lower pole
  • Bottoming out
  • Lateral migration
  • Can't use dual plane

Check out Dr Moradi debunking the myths and criticism

In this video, listen to Dr Moradi solve the myths and show why round implants are able to fix the variety of breast issues listed in the myths and listen to him debunk the criticism.

He uses his real-life patient examples and photos to show his works.

Round vs Teardrop Breast Implants
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By listening to Dr Moradi, you have now seen the amazing results that the Motiva round implants achieved on patients with tuberous, empty canvas, ptotic, asymmetric IMFs and tight lower pole issues using the right sized ergo's, being mini, demi or full according to the patient's expectations.

Tips by Dr Moradi

Dr Moradi wants you to know some useful tips that he follows:

  • Under dissect laterally
  • Doesn't use sizers
  • Slightly larger incision for Progressive Gel
  • Fat grafting Inferomedial cleavage
  • Lower SFS to rib with x4 2.0 Ethibond
  • Upper SFS flap to lower SFS to rib using x4 2.0 PDS
  • Rarely drop IMF unless asymmetric
  • Wear stabiliser top, at IMF plus also post bra
    • Get them in underwire at month
  • Pick width of Implant on future breast width not pre-op breast width
    • Don't take away ½ tissue pinch

Contact Dr Moradi for more information

If you would like to know more information on the round Motiva implants and why they are a great choice, contact Dr Moradi and his team by clicking here.

Dr Moradi for the first six and a half years of his private practice used the teardrop implants without trying round implants, however for the past three and a half years, he has almost always used the Motiva round implants.

Dr Moradi's expertise and experience has led to him preferring rounded implants and recommends them to patients.