Ok, you have scoured the internet and you have probably come across surgeon's offering "rapid recovery breast augmentation".

So what is Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation?

I can tell you exactly what it is, a gimmick. All Australian anaesthetists practice "rapid recovery breast augmentation". The anaesthetists I work with are highly skilled and provide world class service. This includes making sure you are pain-free before, during and after the operation. Pretty much all of my breast augmentation patients are operated on in a day surgery environment. This means they all go home the evening of surgery with medication. This is because breast augmentation is a pretty pain-free procedure that is controlled with simple medications. As a rough guide, if you have the implant below the muscle you can expect a little more pain compared to having the implant above the muscle. Having said that everyone is different. I have had a patient text me whilst out for dinner the night of the operation after having a 470cc implant placed under the muscle. Whilst other patients have had soreness for up to 5 days. It can vary. My advice is to plan for a weeks worth of discomfort and be surprised when you are feeling fantastic after 3 days. If you are considering a breast augmentation I would prepare to have a week off work. Of course you can go back earlier, but a week gives you plenty of time to recover and take care of your new breasts. You can usually return back to the gym around 4 weeks, but at 1 week you can recommence low impact cardio exercise. Such as walking or a gentle bike ride. I hope this has been helpful and chat soon. Dr. Moradi.