What are possible complications of breast implant treatment?

As with any surgical procedures, there are associated risks and complications. Dr Pouria Moradi will discuss both the surgery and long-term complications with you during your initial consultation.

Complications of the surgery can include:

  • Bruising & swelling
  • Discomfort & pain
  • Infection
  • Itchiness
  • Hardness
  • Bleeding
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Temporary loss or changes in sensation

How long is the recovery after breast implant surgery?

The total recovery time depends on the individual's health and body.

However you can expect to be swollen, sensitive and feeling discomfort for about 48 after your surgery. You should also expect to feel tired and tightness in the chest for a few days.

You should take at least one week off work and avoid strenuous activities for a couple of weeks after surgery.

Contact Dr Pouria Moradi for more information on mini breast implants

By contacting Dr Moradi, you will be provided with in-depth information regarding the mini Motiva breast implants, and what you can expect of the treatment.

During this consultation, Dr Pouria Moradi will personalise your treatment based off your body type and goals.

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