I would like to know the price to have a nose job, how long does the recovery take and how long do you go under anaesthetic?

The price for a nose job depends on whether you have private insurance and the extent of surgery you require i.e. whether you need a septoplasty or your turbinates reduced at the same time.

With insurance you are looking at around $14k of pocket. Without insurance you can expect an extra $3-4k for theatre fees. I can get my practice manager to draw you up a more accurate itemised invoice if you like.

Regarding recovery:

You will have bruising and swelling around the eyes for about 1 week. I usually take internal splints out the 2nd or 3rd day. The external splints are removed at day 10. The pain or rather discomfort lasts around 48hours post-op and after that you are pretty much pain free. I performed 2 rhinoplasties yesterday and both patients, as I write this email, are home with minimal pain.

I advise patients to take 2 weeks off work but you can return much earlier if you are happy to wear the splint at work.

The general anaesthetic, and therefore total theatre time is 2-3hours depending on how much work needs to be done.

Feel free to email me any more questions.

If you want to talk about the procedure some more feel free to contact my rooms for an appointment or I can get someone to call you if you like.

Hopefully see you soon.