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Choosing A Plastic Surgeon For Your Breast Augmentation

What's the difference between a cosmetic and plastic surgeon? Simply put, cosmetic surgeons are not the same as plastic surgeons. There is a significant difference in the level of academic qualifications, training and experience between a specialist plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are trained in the art...

Facts About Rhinoplasty

What is rhinoplasty? Everyone wants a nose which compliments their facial structure and features. Rhinoplasty is also referred to as a "nose job" and is the surgical enhancement of your nose to make it more aesthetically appealing to compliment your face. Additionally, you may require rhinoplasty because you have an...

Mummy makeovers can give you back your pre-baby body

Pre and post pregnancy body changes Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural and life-changing process. From the time of conception through to delivery and the completion of breastfeeding, the body is going through vast hormonal changes which alter its fat distribution. During this time your stomach can become baggy, your breasts...

Dr Moradi and Dr Alex Phoon on Changing Faces Ep 3 – ‘Excess Baggage’

Helen Scott lost close to 90kg through an ongoing commitment to a healthier life. Her instagram account @helengotfit followed this transition and has continued following her new life. Just months ago Helen underwent a Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift and other body trimming treatments to provide the trim body she had...

Dr Moradi comments on botched GP procedures

In December Dr Moradi spoke with ABC in regards to a case of 'botched' treatments on cancer patients. Read more and find Dr Moradi's opinions in the article: Skin cancer patients demand compensation from Wollongong GP over 'botched procedures' (link) Watch the video

Post Baby Tummy Tuck – Dr Moradi in Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

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Natural Looking Assets – Dr Moradi in Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

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Reshaping the Nose – Dr Moradi in Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

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Dr Moradi on ‘The Living Room’

Dr Moradi appears on the living room discussing Breast Augmentation with a patient considering making the change to her body. https://youtu.be/znF_YDtbdVI  

Do You Do Any Procedures For Keoloid Scar Removal

Hi, I have a small keoloid scar on my face from an accident about a month ago. It's just above my lip and about 1cm long and raised. Make-up is not covering it up. Do you do any procedures for scar removal? Thank you Hi, After 1 month it is...

How Can I Get My Degenerated Breast Fixed?

Hi, I am 20 years old and a single mother.</p? Since 14 my left breast has degenerated and im now left with a AA left breast cup and a D breast cup. I have gone threw years of torment and image issues, I have never felt like a girl or...

Male butt augmentation on rise in US but Aussies sticking to nose jobs: Surgeons

Dr Moradi discusses the popularity of nose jobs within Australia compared to the rising trends in other parts of the world. View the article here.