Breast Implant Profiles

The choice between round and anatomical implants is not as important as the choice between profiles.

What I generally say to patients is "When you're trying to build a breast, it's like building a house."

You have to have a platform to start with. Some women's chest walls are 200 squares, whereas others might be 400 squares, so we have to build the breast around that particular platform. This will also be discussed in your consultation.

The next phase is building a house on that platform (choosing the implants); round implants or teardrop implants.

Then we choose the profile which is the projection of the implant. This determines how many stories your house will be.

Unfortunately, not a lot of women realise not only do you have to choose the size of the implant (how big you want your house to be) but also what profile your breasts will be (how many stories high your house will be).

In this blog, I'll establish the different profiles and levels of projection you can get when getting a breast augmentation . . .

Breast Implant Profiles

The 'profile' of your implant refers to how augmented from the chest wall the implant is. The best way to determine this is by keeping yourself upright and establishing how far forward you would want the implant to sit.

Let's cover which breast implant profile options are available first . . .

Moderate (Mini)

Implants lower in profile are generally flatter in appearance and only slightly project the chest. Depending on your natural physique, previous breast size, body shape and implant size, a moderate (mini) profile can help give a more natural look to your breasts.

Moderate Plus (Demi)

Moderate profile implants generally give off more natural-looking results, depending on your size and body type. As the name implies, this profile of the implant provides a more moderate projection compared to low profile implants but not as much as higher-profile implants.

High (Full)

A high-profile (full) implant does not mean the implant sits higher on the chest wall. This is due to the forward push of the breasts (not the upward push). When you have high profile implants, you will, more often than not, have the fullest and most rounded look, which may appear fake on some patients. However, this does depend on the various factors that also go into this process such as implant size, body type, etc.

Ultra-High (Corse)

An ultra-high (corse) profile is the most augmented profile you can choose. This profile can be a very fake look due to how far out the implant sticks out from the chest wall.

The simplest way to imagine profiles is in terms of a structure like a house. The moderate profile is like a one-story house, moderate plus is like a two-story house and a high profile is like a three-story house.

Which Implant Profile is right for me?

I will help to build your breast according to your body type, build and desired results.

The process begins with measurements of the patient. Various factors can help determine what the ideal implant to use is. After I examine these measurements, we can establish what volume can be created with the profile of your implant and compare them to your desired results.

The bigger the profile, the more fake your breasts are going to look. For example, a high-profile round implant has the tendency to look fake no matter how it is inserted.

Remember, it's not necessarily the implants that will give you the fake look. Read my blog to learn more.

Breast Implants Sydney

Have any questions? Or considering breast surgery and would like some advice on what implant profile may suit you? Great - contact my clinic and book a consultation. I'll be happy to discuss your options with you. Alternatively, don't hesitate to DM me or email me here.