One of the most commonly asked questions Dr Moradi gets asked in his breast surgery consultations is, "Should I have round implants or anatomical implants, and which would be best for me?"

Breast augmentation is a major decision, and sometimes, the only (or one of few) surgeries a woman will ever undergo.

It's important to know the difference between anatomical implants and round implants as well as the outcome from these different implants.

Unfortunately, there are countless myths about the different shapes which I think need some clarity.

In this blog, we establish the different myths and facts of anatomical implants and round implants . . .

You Can't Argue with Facts

Anatomical vs Round Myths

  • The fake look comes from using round implants
  • The natural look comes from using teardrop implants

This is simply incorrect.

Anatomical vs Round Facts

Your final shape and outcome is determined by:

  • The profile / projection of the implant
  • Your pre-existing breast shape and size

For more information on profile and projection, read my blog here.

Round vs Anatomical Implant Outcome

Round Implants

Let's get one thing straight - round implants do not look fake on every body type.

What implant you choose solely depends on your natural figure, your chest wall size and previous breast tissue size. For example, if you have a ptotic figure (previous breast tissue that appears saggy or droopy), round implants will look anatomical. This is due to the fact that you already have that saggy or droopy breast tissue to work with.

So, just to reiterate . . . round implants do not always look fake!

Anatomical Implants (Teardrop)

Anatomical implants, also known as gummy bear implants or teardrop implants due to their shape, are said to result in much more natural-looking breasts. However, this is not the case for all women. Again, it depends on the various factors mentioned earlier.

For instance, if you have a blank canvas (little-to-no breast tissue) teardrop implants will appear round, or more fake-looking, as there is nothing to give the implant that teardrop or more saggy, natural look.

If you're naturally flat chested, it's not impossible to achieve a natural looking result. In any situation, the best way to determine what's going to get you the results you desire is by examining your options in a consultation.

Hopefully this has shed some light and given you some clarity into the anatomical versus round implant debate.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

In your breast augmentation consultation, I will first go through your general, and background history and explain to you any risks or limitations that may come up.

I will then spend time listening to you; your wants, your needs, and your desired outcome. After you have established an outcome and we both come to an agreement, I will go through a visual examination to look at what you currently have and map out what I will need to do in order to achieve the look you want.

I also recommend going through my gallery and comparing a similar result using the same implants.

When you are certain this is the look you want and are satisfied with your post-operative results prediction, we will then proceed with the next steps. Watch this video to learn more about your breast augmentation consultation.

Breast Augmentation Sydney

Should you have any questions or if you're considering breast augmentation and would like some advice on what implant type would suit you best, contact my clinic and book a consultation. I'll be happy to discuss your options with you. Alternatively, feel free to email me here.