mummy makeover sydney

Pre and post pregnancy body changes

Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural and life-changing process. From the time of conception through to delivery and the completion of breastfeeding, the body is going through vast hormonal changes which alter its fat distribution. During this time your stomach can become baggy, your breasts may swell and then sag, and you may find you lose the general firmness and tone of your pre-pregnancy body. Some women find they can shift their baby weight through lifestyle modifications, but for others this can be a real struggle. This is where Dr Pouria Moradi can help transform your body with a mummy makeover. Mummy makeovers are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic surgical procedure for women who are wanting to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Mummy body makeover Sydney

Is wearing a bikini at the beach a thing of the past? It is common after pregnancy to accumulate fat deposits on your abdomen and lose the general shape and firmness of not only your tummy, but your whole body. Tummy tuck, breast augmentation (lift or enlargement), fat removal with liposuction and vaginal rejuvenation all fall under the umbrella of mummy makeovers, and can combine to give you back your pre-baby body.

What is a mummy makeover?

It is important to differentiate between the multiple surgeries which are offered as part of a mummy makeover. The term 'mummy makeover' is used to describe cosmetic surgery which can include;
  • Reducing excess skin around your abdomen
  • Breast enhancement or lift
  • Liposuction
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
Dr Moradi will work with you to create a personalised plan tailored specifically for you and your body. Call today to book a consultation.

Do I need a mummy makeover?

Maybe your tummy is baggy, your boobs are sagging, or the placement of your nipples have moved southward. Some women can bounce back from pregnancy and get back their ideal body through dieting, exercise regimes and lifestyle modifications. However, for most women changes in their body from pregnancy can mean the weight they gained from pregnancy is hard to get rid of. A mummy makeover can help you get back to the shape and size you were before motherhood. To learn more about how a mummy makeover can help you contact us.

Am I a candidate for a mummy makeover?

It is not an easy decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure to enhance your physical appearance. Here are some important things to consider before you book your first consultation with Dr Moradi. Are you:
  • Generally healthy with no serious health conditions?
  • A non-smoker?
  • In a good place mentally?
  • Realistic in your expectations of surgery?
  • Unhappy with your body due to the physical changes caused by motherhood?
Most mums can undergo a mummy makeover, however each individual is different and that's why taking the first step is booking a consultation with Dr Moradi. Book an appointment with us today.