Question: I am rather tall, standing around 5' 9", weighing 130 pounds. I am currently a small A cup, and would like to enhance my size for the purpose of increased volume. After consulting with a plastic surgeon, he recommended I increase my size to 450cc, which seems rather large to me. Should I opt for 350cc-400cc?

Answer: I agree that 450cc may seem big, but at your height they may be a perfect fit. The overall size considerations are actually about more than your height and weight and should be determined by the size of your chest wall, tissue laxity and the distance between the fold and nipple. If your surgeon has calculated your implant size based on these considerations, you should be completely fine. You can entertain the idea of consulting with a physician that has 3D imaging, so you can see a good representation of the results before you make a decision. This is an empowering tool, and may help you decide on a final size you will be happy with going forward. Good luck!