Hi Diamond

The decision to go over and under when having breast augmentation can be a very difficult one especially in women who are fitness instructors or do fitness modelling.

Here's why:
  • fitness women are generally very lean with no subcutaneous body fat, therefore placing an implant above the muscle, especially such a large implant as you desire (500-550cc) leads to the implant being palpable and visible especially the upper edge. Which is undesirable.
  • To camouflage the upper pole of the implant it is advisable to go below the muscle, however this then becomes an issue in your case because you work out alot and have strong pec muscle. This can lead to animation of the implant and rotation of the implant.
In short, it is a tough decision. My advise is not to get 550cc implants, they seem too big for your frame. Also there is no harm getting a 2nd opinion prior to the operation.┬áCall your plastic surgeon and ask him/her to recommend you to a colleague he/she respects to give you an unbiased opinion with out the fear of stealing you as a patient.