Question: I have met with several surgeons regarding my options for a breast lift, and am happy to report that I am able to use my own tissue to create the well-rounded look I desire, without adding implants. This is called a lollipop lift, and is something I am absolutely interested in doing. My question is, does this type of procedure cause scarring? Does another version leave less scarring, or considered less traumatic to the breasts? Will future breast exams and mammograms be able to differentiate between scar tissue and a potential medical issue?

Answer: This is an excellent question. During a breast lift, any surgeon will perform a breast reshaping procedure called glanduloplasty, which will cause scarring. The degree of scarring is directly related to the volume of tissue that is removed and reshaped. As far as future exams go, it would only be necessary to explain to the technician or physician that you have had a procedure, just so they are informed prior to performing an exam or mammogram. Modern technology provides superior visual enhancement, so scars and tumours are easily identified without confusion. Good luck with your procedure.