Hey I got Brest implants almost 2 years ago and I've fall pregnant and about to have my baby. My boobs have dropped heaps and don't even sit up any more, I just wanted to know how much a Breast lift would be?

Thanks you for enquiry Your breast will go through many more changes once you start and finish breast feeding. So any decision on a breast lift should be made 3-6months after you have breast fed your child. Enjoy the precious first year with your baby and then worry about your breasts. I understand your concerns about your breast, as we have a 1year old daughter and my partner is 20 weeks pregnant again. The cost of a breast lift depends on whether you have private insurance. Depending on your level of Insurance they will cover all the hospital fees and part of my fees and the anaesthetists fees. BUT, your child has to be between 1 and 7 years of age. If you don't have insurance, medicare will still give you a rebate of $861.75. BUT your child has to be between 1 and 7 years of age. So in a rough summary. Your out of pocket costs with insurance are around $5000 and $9,000 without insurance. I hope this helps. Let me know if you want to arrange an appointment to discuss things more. Or see if your original surgeon can offer the procedure as a "no gap" private patient. Cheers, Dr. Moradi