I was wondering how much it costs for a consultation for breast augmentation? How do I arrange an appointment for your norwest rooms? Do you do consultations on a weekend?

Thank you for the enquiry. Breast Augmentation consultation cost $250 for an hour and includes all other subsequent pre-op visits and post-op checks. This price includes the consultation with me, plus an additional hour with my practice nurse (should you proceed with the procedure) who will go through post-op garmet fitting and medication optimisation i.e. what to take before and after the procedure. The fee also includes the use of the 3D Vectra camera which is a great way to check out different implant sizes and styles on your 3D animated image. I also use an online simulation software called Crisalix for patients that live far away or haven't quite committed to a consultation, if you follow this link you can submit your images and I will endeavour to get the simulation images back to you asap. https://drmoradi.com.au/about-dr-moradi/technology-resources/3d-vectra-technology/ As you can see the whole consultation process takes a while and I can't expect my practice nurse to come in on her weekends. But if you have work we can arrange an early morning or late afternoon consultation if that fits into your schedule better. I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to email me any further questions you may have. Alternatively, I can get my rooms to call you to arrange an appointment.