Hi, I am 20 years old and a single mother.</p?

Since 14 my left breast has degenerated and im now left with a AA left breast cup and a D breast cup.

I have gone threw years of torment and image issues, I have never felt like a girl or a women, I dress like a boy and I have never worn a bikini or low cut tops, nor have I ever been undressed infront of ANYONE.

No one will help me, I am not on private health and I cannot afford this surgery, im not the type of girl who wants surgery but I do need this fixed so I can enjoy my life and be confident. please please please help me!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your story. If you in fact have such asymmetry between the 2 sides, then you would be a candidate for reconstruction in the public health system at no cost to you. Make an appointment to see me at my Randwick rooms (93998799) and I can assess you and place you on my public waiting list at POW Hospital. Cheers, Dr. Moradi