I discovered some reviews online regarding your work and thought I may be able to get your opinion before coming in for a consultation.

I have four children and have breasted them all so now have still ample breasts but rather deflated.  I would like the fullness of breast like when I was breast feeding but not necessarily the fake perkiness and noticeably rounder upper breast.

From my pictures, would you say that a dual plane lift would give me good results or would you recommend a lift and implant? I have differing opinions and have my own ideas on what I would like to do.

Any assistance would be appreciated and a breakdown of costs for just implants or implants a lift would be great to enable me to make an informed decision.

Thanks for the email, your concerns are very common amongst mothers that i see. Here are a few important points and questions in no particular order:
  • Looking at your photos you need a lift. I would use an inverted T skin pattern because it gives the most reliable shape and scar in the future.
  • The big decision for you becomes: do you want to remain the same size or slightly larger?
  • If you want to remain roughly the same size but lifted I would recommend a breast lift with a technique called auto augmentation using your own breast tissue to give you volume and form.
  •  if you feel, or after my examination, I discover that you are completely deflated in the upper pole. Then you will need a small implant to restore the lost volume in the upper pole. Then a lift (or even a small reduction) to reposition your breast tissue on top of the implant. You can do this quite easily without looking fake.
  • do you have private insurance? if yes there are item numbers that cover breast lift (if your youngest child is under 7) and breast reduction. This will drastically reduce your fees.
  • if you need an implant, insurance won't pay for this, although they will pay for theatre costs.
  • let me know your insurance status and I will get my rooms to draw up a quote if you like for all the different scenerios i.e. lift with or without an implant.
I hope this answers some of your questions. Even if you don't arrange a consultation feel free to email me any questions you may have. thanks Pouria