Question:I had my current implants inserted 14 years ago, and have recently developed a painful rash under my left breast. In addition, I feel air pockets, which is a strange feeling. One surgeon told me that implants need to be replaced every ten years. Another surgeon told me they never need replaced. Who is right?

Answer:There are two important factors that determine the longevity of breast implants, or the actual need to replace them. The first is the implants' integrity, and whether there has been a rupture or capsule formation. The second has to do with you - or any breast implant patient - and whether you have lost or gained weight, or breast fed since you underwent the insertion.  After 14 years, even with the upgraded technology and medical evolution of the current implants, the reality remains that at some point they may need changed. The only way to determine this is by speaking with your plastic surgeon to determine the current integrity of your breast implants. He or she will be able to advise you on the best way to proceed after a full assessment is complete. I hope this helps. Good luck.