Question: Nearly five years ago I had breast augmentation surgery, and developed a serious infection three days after, only to have my implants removed within the same week. I have a history of cellulitis, strep throat and tonsil stones. Could my chronic tonsillitis be the cause of my post breast augmentation infection? I am considering repeated the cosmetic surgery, and want to know if I should have my tonsils removed first?

Answer: Unless you are currently under the care of an ear, nose and throat physician who recommends your tonsils come out, you should leave them in. It is highly unlikely that they were the cause of your post breast augmentation infection. Begin your next surgical process by alerting your plastic surgeon to your infection status, and ask to receive the results from the initial surgeons swab from the infected implant. Once you know the source, and are certain that you are not currently carrying an infectious strain, you can be administered pro-active antibiotics to keep infection at bay. I hope this helps you stay healthy. Good luck!