What's the difference between a cosmetic and plastic surgeon?

Simply put, cosmetic surgeons are not the same as plastic surgeons. There is a significant difference in the level of academic qualifications, training and experience between a specialist plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are trained in the art of enhancing a patient's aesthetic appearance. Did you know that in Australia, anyone who is qualified as a doctor can deem themselves a 'cosmetic surgeon'? Even if they don't have any specific qualifications or experience relating to cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, plastic surgeons must undergo a minimum of 12 years of training, equivalent to an additional eight years of study after their initial medical degree. Dr Pouria Moradi has completed a fellowship from The Royal College of Surgery (FRACS, Plas) and has been granted the honour of being a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

What to look for in a plastic surgeon

Having the letters FRACS (Plas) after their name, and being a member of the ASPS are signs your surgeon is a fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon. It also means they are bound by a strict code of ethics, only operate in accredited facilities, and attend regular courses to continue their education. Plastic surgeons like Dr Moradi specialise in the restoration and reconstruction of a patients' bodies for aesthetics and functionality after trauma, such as accident or injury.

Breast augmentation by a plastic surgeon

The decision to undergo breast augmentation isn't one you should make lightly, and you'll definitely want to be very sure of your choice of surgeon. Dr Moradi has worked and trained extensively in Europe and is one of few plastic surgeons in Sydney who exclusively performs plastic surgery for face and breasts. Dr Moradi offers you a higher degree of safety, a thorough understanding of surgical techniques which means he can deliver you a more desirable outcome for your breast augmentation procedure. Take the first step by booking in an appointment to see Dr Moradi.

Top plastic surgeon for breast augmentation

You should conduct extensive research before choosing a surgeon for your breast augmentation. Read reviews from their previous patients, research their training and qualifications, and be very sure they are going to provide you with the outcome you want. Nobody wants to end up needing revision surgery to correct an error made by an inexperienced surgeon. While we can understand that the prices on offer might seem very attractive, we would urge you to consider how much more it will cost you to undergo revision surgery if the first procedure does not go to plan. Dr Moradi prides himself on his efforts to achieve a desirable and safe result for each and every woman; and this starts with a customised plan designed to suit your individual needs. With a special interest in breast augmentation surgery, you can rest assured that Dr Moradi has the experience required to help you get results you've dreamed of.  

Breast augmentation Sydney

You are special and so is your body. It's important to choose a surgeon who gets to know both, and creates a treatment plan with only you in mind. Dr Moradi has already helped thousands of women, why not contact him to book in your breast augmentation consultation to see how he can help you!