Hi can I please have soon more info on your tummy tuck, thanks

As you well know a tummy tuck is a procedure that not only tightens the abdominal muscles but also removes excess lower abdominal skin. More information can be found on my tummy tuck page. The questions that you probably need answering are: 1. Cost: This all depends on whether you have private insurance plus also whether you need liposuction with your tummy tuck. (around 70% of my patients do) If you have insurance, let me know if they cover the item number 30177. If yes, then happy days that will dramatically reduce your cost If not, then don't fret medicare will still rebate $739. The total package fee (including anaesthetists, assistants and my fee) will be around $8000 (with insurance) and $10,000 (without insurance) 2. Recovery: The majority of my patients stay overnight, especially the ones with private insurance. Having said that, I am operating on a woman in 4 weeks who doesn't have insurance and can't stay overnight. In her situation, (obviously after making sure she has appropriate help at home) we have elected to perform her procedure as a day surgical procedure. 3. Hospitals: I either operate at St Luke's or POW Private Hospitals. Or North Shore Specialist Day surgery. The choice will come down to your convenience and also your level of insurance. I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to email me any more questions you have. In the meantime, would you like my rooms to contact you tomorrow for an appointment and draft you a more accurate quote? Cheers Dr. Moradi